Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Nook of Simple Quotes: Enjoy the little things . . .

A Nook of Simple Quotes!
Enjoy the little thing [in your life] for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.  ~Robert Brault
My Thoughts:
Often times we wait for the right time to celebrate what we have - - the accomplishments and people in our lives. We measure what we have by others, and determine that they are not good enough, and we strive to accomplish what we think meet the standard. We use an imaginary measuring tape to determine what is good and what is enough and what is better. According to Brault, "the little things" just might be the "big things" so celebrate all things "little" and "big".

What are your thoughts? It would be great to hear from you. Have a blessed day!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Nook of Simple Quotes: Never consider the possibility of failure . . .

A Nook of Simple Quotes!
Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful.  ~ Brian Tracy

My thoughts:
When starting on a new journey or venture whether it is academic, business or personal, you must not think that you may fail. The mere thought can serve as a self fulfilling prophecy, and cause your failure. Persistence also ensures your success. When you ceased to persist you fail.

What are you thoughts? it would be nice to share it with us.

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Article Review: Opportunities abound for fashion but Industry needs Government’s help

Women owned businesses regardless of where they are located in the world need governmental support to ensure their growth and sustainability. Many governments across the globe including Japan and the United States of America are implementing initiatives to facilitate women who are engaged in a business venture regardless of size, industry or sector; to ensure that they have the support to grow, compete and thrive.  

The article looks at the fashion industry in Trinidad and Tobago; and notes that:  

The Government must be prepared to give more financial assistance to the local fashion and textile industry to help transform it into a larger generator of tax revenues and jobs. Local designer and acting president, Fashion Association of T&T, Meiling, believes if the fashion industry is to become a sustainable business it has to get more financial help from the Government.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CPC Women in Business Profile of the Month - - Rosalind Brown

Rosalind Brown is CPC Women in Business February profile and our first business profile for the year 2011. Rosalind is the owner of Lover’s Ends, a beautiful villa “a home away from home” for those who have stayed there while holidaying in the beautiful island of St. Maarten. Lovers Ends is Rosalind’s vison of a perfect holiday spot.

Ms. Brown is an experienced business woman with over twenty years managing various types of businesses across business industries and sectors. Armed with her many years of experience in business development and managing successful businesses in the United States, together with knowledge and skills in market research, computers, building construction, real estate, a vision of what she wanted, and an openness to learn, Rosalind ventured into the tourism-real estate industry in 2005, and is having great success. In 2006 she successfully completed the construction of Lovers Ends and had a beautiful launch of the villa.

One of the beautiful rooms at Lovers Ends
Lovers Ends is Rosalind’s most recent entrepreneurial project and during its various stages of development she has had to deal with many challenges, and has grown in her knowledge of every aspect of business associated with building and launching Lovers EndsLovers Ends caters to couples, business groups, families, weddings, and any social events or functions.  Lovers Ends is a six bedrooms luxurious villa with six baths; with each room having its own theme and includes all the amenities of home. Lovers Ends is located in the Pelican Keys amidst beautiful beaches, jet skies, boat trips, night clubs, casinos, beautiful restaurants, a shopping mall, movie theatres, with the airport just a few miles away. Rosalind offers her customers a fantastic holiday experience, and confidently says that a visit to Lovers Ends, “gives you wonderful memories that you will always want to return year after year.”

Ms. Brown uses offline and online marketing strategies in the promotion of Lovers Ends. She utilizes a combination of marketing approaches including, word of mouth referrals, advertisements, blogging, and social media networking to promote Lovers Ends. Like so many business women today, computer based technologies plays an important role in the operation and management of Lovers Ends. Rosalind uses software for generating her documents, accounting purposes and client management. She also uses email to communicate with her clients as well as a website to promote the villa, globally. Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are a part of her online marketing strategies while actively involved in online forums dedicated to women in business.

The Pool at Lovers Ends
Given the success that Rosalind is having as an entrepreneur, it was prudent to think that other women in business can benefit from her years of experience; therefore one of the questions that I asked her was: what advice will you give to other business women; something that you have learnt along the way? Rosalind’s advice to other women in business both the experienced and those now embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, is that they should not stop the flow of their creativity. She also added that it is a process and elaborates that when life opens a door you must walk through it and see the possiblities.

At the Poolside
In the future, Rosalind would like to incorporate another business concept into her business portfolio. She would be adding retirement homes to her list. She especially loves this business venture because it is fueled by her personal story. During her father’s illness, finding elderly care home for him was difficult, and it was then that she saw a need for care facilities for the elders, and in 1996 she launched Rosalind’s Loving Care, a home for the elderly. This new business is an extension of what she started in 1996 and we trust that she will also be successful in realizing this vision.

Rosalind Brown Contact Information: 
Email address is
Mailing address of business #4 Carnelian Drive, St Maarten

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Nook of Simple Quotes: Hold fast to dreams . . .

A Nook of Simple Quotes!

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. ~Lanston Hughes

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Article Review: Strategy - Competitor Analysis

Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Competitior analysis has been a strategic strategy employed by businesses, both large organizations and small businesses. It is generally conducted during the development of a business plan at the initial stage of your business development, but it is advised that it should be a practice conducted throughout various periods in your business development to keep abreast of what is happening in the market place and among your competitors so that you can better position your business.

Do you think that as women in business we should also engage in conducting competitors  analysis; or as some say it is to time consuming and I rather focus on what I am doing. What can be the result of failing to conduct one?

This article proposes that as business owners, we should ask the following questions when conducting a competitive analysis.
  1. Who are our competitors?
  2. What threats do they pose?
  3. What is the profile of our competitors?
  4. What are the objectives of our competitors?
  5. What strategies are our competitors pursuing and how successful are these strategies?
  6. What are the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors?
  7. How are our competitors likely to respond to any changes to the way we do business?
To read more go to:

A Nook of Simple Quotes: What is success?

A Nook of Simple Quotes!

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. ~ William Feather

Dear Readers,
What do you think about this quote? Does it rings true for you?

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